The company 

What do we do?

Medena operates since 2000. We are an employment agency (registered in Poland, no 1037) recruiting medical personnel and dealing with employing doctors, dentists and nurses in Swedish public healthcare. We have cooperated with most of landstings (county councils), which are authorities responsible for healthcare. Our parent company, Kalmena Rek AB, is located in Växjö, Sweden.

So far, we have cooperated with almost all Swedish landstings (county councils), which are responsible for health care in Sweden and are employers of all that work within the health care system. 

If you are a doctor, dentist or a nurse interested in working in Sweden - you could not be better placed! We have almost 20 years of experience, we specialize in just one destination - Sweden and focus on the quality of teaching the language.

Please complete application form on our website - this way we are able to present your CV to the potential employees.


Our accomplishments

Two crucial elements of our enterprise are: the recruitment of medical personnel and specialistic, long-term, free language courses, prepareing You to work in the new country. So far we have successfully completed twenty courses. Thanks to the language training about 500 doctors from EU countreis work in Sweden. 

Owing to the friendly atmosphere, which we effectively attempt to introduce, training is a didactic success. Courses are high-leveled and conducted by some of the best Swedish teachers who specialize for a long time in teaching medical Swedish to foreign personnel. We provide accommodation and board which helps to exempt participants from any other duties, except for learning Swedish. This way you can devote full attention to learning without reducing your necessary time for rest. Every participant receives financial assistance for the duration of the course. Your family can attend a weekend-based language course. Thanks to the access to the Swedish press, TV and classes about Swedish culture, we are able to create for our students a little Swedish oasis.

Our values 

Quality and reliability of our services

Years of experience in the medical recruitment,  full support for candidates with our knowledge and competences. Reliable information on all aspects of the process.

Close cooperation and individual approach

Each candidate and every client is a partner with its own history and specific needs. Matching and understanding those needs provide the basis for a long-term cooperation.