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Åza Brennander

Kalmena Rek AB CEO

Åza Brennander since February 2010 is the CEO for Kalmena Rek AB. Previously Åza was a director of the company board. Åza has extensive experience in management, corporate governance, sales and marketing. Since 1995 Åza been active in public affairs. Engagement, customer satisfaction, quality and excellence are Åzas watchwords.

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Monika Ziegler


Monika Ziegler - managing director of Medena Rek Polska. Monika has graduated international relations (Warsaw University) and project management (the University of Economics in Katowice), obtained CAPM PMI certificate and is EFR certified first aid instructor. She worked for Medena-Kalmena since the beginning of 2005, managing the company since the end of 2006 . Main responsibility - consultancy for the stakeholders (at national and regional level), direct recruitment, administration and management of language projects.


Michał Mroziński


Michał Mrozinski is working with recruitment of doctors and dentists from EU / EEA countries. Michal graduated from the School of Social and Psychology Sciences in Warsaw and as all other employees speaks fluent Swedish.

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Paulina Jankowska


Paulina Jankowska works as the teacher for Medena Rek Poland since 2009. She is responsible for the course organisation and teaches the Swedish language to prepare our course participants to live and work in Sweden. Paulina also teaches at the Department of Scandinavian Languages ​​at the School of Social Psychology in Warsaw, she graduated both psychology and Scandinavian studies.


Agnieszka Stróżyk


Agnieszka is rector of Medena Rek Polska and has worked for Medena since 2003. Agnieszka graduated from Scandinavian studies at the University of Gdańsk and she also works at the Department of Scandinavian Languages ​​at the University of Social and Psychology Sciences in Warsaw. Agnieszka is also qualified SWEDEX examinator. In her spare time, she works with children's book translations.

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Björn Nordström

Dean of studies, teacher

Björn Nordström is the dean for our courses and teacher of Swedish in Medena Rek Polska. Bjorn has worked for Medena since its inception in 2000 and is one of the teachers who have developed our training model. In Sweden he teaches Swedish and Swedish as a foreign language, the Swedish health care is one of his specialties. In addition, he has written dialogues and patient cases for doctors and dentists.


Hanna Zwierzyńska


Hanna Zwierzynska, Swedish citizen, works as a native-speaking teacher at Medena Rek Polska. Hanna has a very large and broad experience in teaching Swedish.


Anna Warchoł


Anna Warchoł works as a teacher for Medena Rek Polska and graduated in Swedish language at the School of Social and Psychology Sciences in Warsaw. Anna works as a Swedish teacher and translator.


Anna Sworowska


Anna Sworowska works as a Swedish teacher Medena Rek Poland. Anna is a graduate of the German and Scandinavian studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In addition to her work in Medena Anna teaches Swedish language also at the University of Warsaw and the School of Social and Psychology Sciences.


Anna Nilsson


Anna Nilsson works as a Swedish teacher at Medena Rek Polska. Anna is a graduate of the School of Social and Psychology Sciences in Warsaw.


Hakan Petersson

Consultant for Medena Rek and Kalmena

Håkan Petersson is the former Personal Director at Kalmar County Council. Håkan has been involved in Kalmena / Medenas recruitment projects since the company was founded in 1999. Expert and consultant with specialist skills in the recruitment of health workers, especially the EU / EEA.