Questions to Medena 


How long does it take to get an offer after filling the application form online?

It depends on the phase of recruitment we are currently in, the date planned for the next course and the offers that are presented us from Sweden. For example, a physician fills out an application in February, the appropriate offer appears in April – invitation for the recruitment meeting cannot come earlier than in April. There is also possibility that an offer for a specific specialization does not appear in this recruitment and that we need more time.


What is the time between a notification and the interview in Sweden, and if a person qualifies to work in Sweden, how long does it take to start the course?

After receiving offers from Sweden we contact the candidates and invite them for language tests and meeting with a Swedish teacher (it can be a trial lesson or individual conversations with the teacher). After language verification and documents checking all the information is sent to the employer, and they decide about invitation for an interview in Sweden. The interview with the employer is the final and most important step of the recruitment process. If the decision is positive for both parties, signing the agreement follows and the doctor is granted a place on the language course. The course starts not earlier than after a month. As you can see, the whole recruitment process can take up to several months.

The language course starts always after signing the contract with Swedish employer and clearly before leaving for Sweden permanently. This means that the employment in Sweden starts after completion of the language course. Example: a contract was signed in April 2016, the course started in May 2016 and ended in December 2016, the date of commencement of work will be in January 2017.


Do I pay any provision or fee?

Definitely NOT. There is no provision or fee charged by Medena Rek Polska and Kalmena Rek AB from candidates or course participants. We provide the recruitment services and language course on the basis of the agreement between us and the Swedish employer. That does not influence your employment legal and financial situation in Sweden in any way. 


What kind of assistance can spouse, partner, children etc. bank on?

Family members that are moving with a doctor to Sweden can participate in a weekend-based language course. It is designed for spouses, partners and children over 14 years of age. Classes are held on a weekend basis or a fixed mode – depending on the teacher and the group. Conditions for each "course for families" are defined independently for every course.

Swedish employers can offer assistance in finding jobs for spouses / partners who are not doctors, but there is no guarantee of success. During the interview, the employer can be asked and tell more about the specific situation on the local labor market or potential jobs in the area. Please be aware that finding a job in Sweden can take anywhere from a few months to over a year and there is no rule in this issue. It should also be remembered that the great advantage is language.


I am in during my specialization and I would like to complete an application form. What should I enter in the box 'specialization', if I don’t really have one yet?

In such a situation, please enter the specialization that you are currently doing. There is a box in a table where you can enter the planned year of completing your specialization - it will tell us how much time remains until it is done. If you haven't begun your specialization you can choose the one you are interested in; however, please describe your situation, for example in "Additional information" box below.


5. How long are contracts? Is it possible to work only during the weekends or for a few weeks (1 or 2) in the month?

Not really, the contracts offered by Swedish employers cooperating with our company are planned basically for 36 months (often extended to the permanent employment). We do not have weekend jobs or other similar forms of employment.


Is it possible to start internship training or specialisation in Sweden?

Since from the very beginning our collaboration with landstings (county councils) was directed to recruit trained medical specialists and dentists we do not get offers for internships. For the same reason, we do not get offers for doctors willing to start their specialty in Sweden direct after the internship. It happens, however, that the doctor, who himself received an offer in Sweden, present the employer Medena’s offer and the opportunity to pursue a Medena’s language course.


While being during the specialization or direct after internship – am I able to apply for a job in Sweden? What are the possibilities to complete specialization in Sweden?

Doctors during their specialization may apply for a job in Sweden. The decision depends on the the employer, its needs and possibilities for employment. The longer the experience and the longer the specialization is already done, the greater the probability of such a solution. Then you can complete the specialization in Sweden. Training period in the country of origin is considered, but each case is individually determined by mentor. Therefore, it is not possible to determine in advance how long will it take to complete your specialization - is decided individually. Applying for a job immediately after the internship is possible for dentists.


Does a reward given after completing the language course and passing the exam cover costs of the loan?

Yes, the award covers the full costs of the loan and is paid after the successful completion of the course (passing the final exam), and starting your work in Sweden. All in accordance with the contract signed at the beginning of the course.


Does other medical personnel qualify for the Swedish course as well? Is this course only designed for doctors? What are the costs of such a course?

We receive offers for doctors, dentists and nurses. People who have signed employment contracts with Swedish employers (county councils – landstings) can attend the course. Doctors, dentists and nurses do not bear any costs of the course, the course is free of charge for them.


How are being solved the differences between Swedish family doctor (GP) specialization and European one?

The rules regarding family medicine were changed in 2012 by Socialstyrelsen (the office responsible for the recognition of medical qualifications ) due to the intervention of the European Commission and the unification of the law. Nowadays family physicians who have obtained a specialist title in another EU country can apply for general medicine specialisation (allmänmedicin) in Sweden. This is a Swedish specialisation designed for work in primary care. However, family doctors starting their work in Sweden must be aware that this specialist title place them in a situation of an independent specialist, which means a very broad spectrum of patients and a wide range of medical cases that will be required of them to take care of in their work in vårdcentral (a health centre where family doctors work). Swedish employers do realize that the document itself does not replace the experience and skills, so the employment of family doctors in Sweden takes the necessity to complete internships and competences into account. The competences that require supplementing are most often in the field of gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry and surgery. Time required for completing the specialization may vary and is determined individually.


What questions can I expect at a job interview?

Employers might be interested in candidates' interest in Sweden, personal situation and what kind of person they are. You can expect following questions:

Why are you interested in Sweden?

Why is this offer interesting to you?

What are your expectations regarding Sweden?

What do you know about Sweden, the region and the town?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How would you describe yourself?

Why are you a good candidate for this position?

What is your personal situation?

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

What are your professional interests?

Do you have experience in working abroad?

Can you speak any foreign languages?