What do we offer 

Taking a job abroad is not the easiest decision in life - we understand it completely! For almost 20 years we have been accompanying doctors and their families in moving to Sweden and we make every effort to ensure that this process is done as smooth as possible!

 1. Interviews, documents, selection of the offer

Medena helps in completing the information and collecting the necessary references.
We help preparing your CV to send to the employer.
Medena organizes your interview in Sweden.

 2. Guarantee of the reliable contract

The contract with the employers in Sweden and the employment itself is under the terms and conditions of the Swedish labor code and with compliance with all standards applicable to the landsting employees.

 3. Language course

Medena runs intensive, full-time language courses to the level necessary to obtain a right to practice in Sweden.
We teach Swedish with an enormous emphasis on medical language.

4. Help in completing all formalities

This applies to both professional requirements as the license to practice and the formalities of family-related matters - personnummer, bank account, insurance registrations, etc.

5. Apartment

Together with the employer, we guarantee finding the first flat for the time of starting work in Sweden in accordance with individual needs.


Jobs for doctors and dentists in Sweden

We are looking for doctors of all specialties or during their specialty (practical experience is important) interested in long-term working in Sweden. The offer consists of a comprehensive recruitment process, including a free trip to Sweden and a preliminary orientation with employer and a workplace. Contracts are planned for 36 months, with a majority turning into a permanent employment.

We ensure a very intensive Swedish course, accenting medical language and practical usage in physician’s work. The course takes place in Poland. During the course, the doctor receives financial help in a form of loan with monthly tranches and we cover all the costs of the course as well as food and lodging. We prepare students and their families to leave for Sweden and help in moving and in accomplishing the formalities.

IMPORTANT: our course and final language exam complies with new Socialstyrelsen requirements for language (in operation since June 2016). After our course you would be able to obtain licence to practice in Sweden.

Please feel free to complete the application form!

 Contracts for Swedish-speaking doctors and dentists (various levels)

Swedish-speaking doctors, dentist and medical personnel are welcome to contact us, especially if experienced in working in Sweden. We can help with changing the workplace, moving from private sector to the public Swedish healthcare. If you need to continue or to supplement your Swedish and medical Swedish course, we offer flexible and individually matched lessons. Feel free to contact us to discuss the details.


Contact us for more details +48 605 263 548