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Current offers for doctors: CHILDREN & ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY, PSYCHIATRY, FAMILY MEDICINE. Nurses: psychiatry/experience in psychiatry, oncology.  Apply via our application form. 

Who we are looking for


We are looking for doctors of all specialisations and during their specialisation training, although mostly with a few years experience. We are looking also for nurses - general and specialised. Please complete the application form - by having your CV in our database we are able to contact you quickly and directly when appropriate offer appears.

CV is always required. Documents like recommendation/motivational letters are often also necessary. Please contact us to check the requirements - you shouldn't wait until the offer's deadline.

DOCTORS - current offers and regions:

Västra Götaland region:

- psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry 


NURSES - current offers and regions:

Västra Götaland region: psychiatry



Current offers are published here and on our Facebook page.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions
by e-mail:
by telephone: +48 22 11 00 003 / WhatsApp + 48 605 263 548.

 How the process of recruitment looks like:

    • Beginning of the recruitment - STEP 1 COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM

      Any doctor/nurse interested in obtaining job in Sweden is asked to complete the application form on our website. By having your CV in our database we are able to present your application to potential Swedish employers. We send lists of candidates interested in working in Sweden to the Swedish authorities on the regular basis. Medena Rek Polska reserves the right to answer to particular applications, covering requirements of employers.

      When there is positive response from potential Swedish employers we are going further with the recruitment. That includes language verification and completing your documents such as diplomas, specialisations, references etc.

      We would like to stress that language tests are done for the informational purposes to help us check language learning predispositions of the candidates. Tests are for estimating the level and communicability in language that potentially could be the subsidiary and reference one. An important part for us is a trial lesson of Swedish in a form of individual or group meeting and classes with a Swedish teacher. It helps us provide estimates for the participation in the intensive Swedish and medical Swedish course in the future.
    • Further part – STEP 3 INTERVIEW IN SWEDEN

      The most important part of the recruitment process has a form of individual interview with potential employers' representatives in the potential workplace in Sweden. Travel expenses are covered by the employer. Candidates invited for the interview will be informed immediately by e-mail and telephone. Interview usually takes up between one and two days, being a great opportunity not only to learn about the potential workplace and wokring standards, but also to visit the city and its surroundings.

      In case of a mutual agreement regarding working conditions both sides sign a contract (please note that the moment of signing the contract is usually after the consideration period, that is typically after a couple weeks after the interview). Swedish landstings (county councils) guarantee employment in a particular medical institution in Sweden. Nevertheless there is a condition of completing the language course and passing the test in Swedish (including medical terminology), which enables you to obtain the Swedish licence to practice. Our course leads you to the necessary langauge level. The course is for doctors who have already signed an agreement with the Swedish employers.