Recruitment process in a nutshell

1. Fill in application form on our website 

2. Having your CV we can contact you about new job oportunities in your field.

3. When you are intrested in a particular offer - we confirm your intrest to employer by sending CV and additional documents (such as references or personal profile - required documents ddiffer depending on the employer).

4. After positive evaluation of your CV by the hospital or clinic there might be a Skype interview with an employer.

5. If you are positively selected, an invitation for a study tour comes. Costs of the travel are covered by an employer. 

6. Most important - face to face interview with the potential employer and study tour of your future workplace and town or city.

7. Mutual acceptance of the contract (You and employer).

8. Preparations for a language course that takes place in Poland start. 

9. After the course You move to Sweden, obtain licence to practice and start working according to the previous agreement.