Language course 


What are your associations with Swedish? It's high time to confront your ideas with reality! We offer a unique chance to get acquainted with a foreign language to an extent that would enable you to work, in just six months of the course, pardon me, a turbo-course! 

The Swedish language is a Germanic language spoken by ca. nine million people.  Swedish can by roughly (we request that linguists excuse us) described as a mélange of German vocabulary and English grammar in an exotic, melodic sauce of pronunciation. By mastering Swedish you get a bonus in a form of passive knowledge of other Scandinavian languages: Norwegian and Danish (the latter with a bit more effort). Additionally, the Swedish language is the second official language of Finland! The whole Scandinavia is yours: thanks to the language of Linneus, Nobel, Bergman and ... ABBA, maybe the best known Swedish pop culture icon.


If you imagine that the language course is a few hours per week, we need to disillusion you. We offer intensive lessons, additional conversational classes, and an evening course about Sweden, film projections, meetings with representatives of the future employer, Swedish health care, Swedish culture and doctors that already started their work. 

Where is the course? 

The course takes place in our centre in Warsaw, Poland (convenient public transport and good flight connections). You get free board and lodging in a neat and comfortable hotel based studio apartments within immediate proximity of school. Classes start on Monday about noon and finish on Friday around midday. During weekends you can go home to enjoy family life, or stay in Warsaw to relax, study or explore the surroundings.

How does the course look like?

A team of experienced teachers from Sweden and Poland runs the classes. They are English-speaking as well. All the available modern study materials complement traditional methods of teaching. The course consists of three stages: the first one is a course for beginners, when you learn receptive and productive skills at an elementary level. The second stage consists of improving the skills plus learning specific vocabulary needed at work. The third stage is studying at an advanced level. It prepares students to take the final exam that's going to test listening, writing and reading comprehension skills, summarizing a conversation between a doctor and a patient in a form of anamnesis, conversation about general topics and a simulated conversation with a patient.

And apart from the language? 

Each course participant is provided an apartment. We guarantee also board. It is up to individual decision to choose between catering Monday – Friday or reimbursement of the costs of provisions every month. Apart from apartment and board, a financial help of ca. 700 euros per month is guaranteed to every course participant. For partners and children 14 years old or older there is a language course as well.


We do expect devotion to learning the language, which is going to be your full time job with many extra hours. We will provide you with any necessary elements needed to study. Taking up the course can mean a separation from your family during the time of the training. We are coping with every situation individually but the language must stay a priority. Weeks dedicated to the language course are an investment in the future work, and we all need to focus on them the best way we can. Many Medena course graduates often recall the time of the course as a fantastic adventure, a travel in a time machine back to carefree school days and an incredible occasion to make new friends and acquaintances.

The course requires as well: self-studying skills, the ability to work with a dictionary and texts, group work skills - mutual respect and learning from each other.