Survey conducted among doctors 

Results of a survey conducted among 70 Polish doctors working in Sweden


Why did you decide to leave and work in Sweden?

Reasons: career opportunities, economics, unsatisfactory organization and working conditions in Poland, "something new", the general state of health care in home country, the search for new perspectives, curiosity, quiet work and good working conditions; wages in Sweden, better future for the children, corruption in Poland, more time for family, peace of mind.


Are you satisfied with moving and if not why?

93 % yes, I am satisfied; 7 % no, I am not satisfied


What is the best advantage and the worst disadvantage of moving to Sweden?

Advantage - good working conditions (salary, equipment, workplace atmosphere), the spare time for yourself and your family, professional development, peace of mind, the ability to learn a new culture.

Disadvantage - difficulties in dealing with the Swedes, finding a job for partner


Is your family satisfied, and if not – why?

We are all happy, mostly the kids are happy, doctors are satisfied but partners only partially, because most of them are still at the stage of learning Swedish


Was there a sufficient support from the Landsting to prepare you and family for life in Sweden (apartment, moving, etc.)?

100 % YES


What do you value most at work?

Stability, enough time for patients appointments, tranquility, possible new career opportunities, a friendly atmosphere, good facilities, co-workers willing to help, better diagnostic capabilities, good organization, self-reliance, a lot of days off, qualified staff, friendly superior, clear rules.