Doctors of medicine 


If you are a doctor interested in working in Sweden you need a formal recognition of your qualifications accordingly to the current UE directive (2005/36/EC). The Swedish authority responsible for the recognition is Socialstyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare). You can apply by traditional post apply online. Additionally you should pay a fee described below.

All information is also available in English and Swedish at Socialstyrelsen's official wesbite.

You should collect the following documents:

1. Completed application form (if you want to use a printed form):

or you want to apply online, the information and the form is here.

2. Copy of valid ID document (passport or national ID card). Translation is not needed.

3. Copy of a document (certificate, diploma) attesting to your Swedish language skills (level of TISUS exam - C1). [Doctors after our courses and exams receive C1 Swedish and medical Swedish certificate.]

4. Copy of your diploma with translation.

5. Documents from your school, describing your courses, duration and content (for example diploma supplement)

6. Document showing name change if you have changed your name since you completed your education, copy with a translation.

7. Copy of the evidence of license to practice with a translation.

8. Certificate showing that your permission to pursue your profession is valid, for example "Certificate of Current Professional Status” or “Certificate of Good Standing". It should be issued by a competent authority, feature your name, date of birth and be not older than three months. The document should be sent as a certified copy with a translation.

9. Certificate showing that your education conforms to EU 2005/36/EG directive, for example “Certificate of Conformity”. The document should contain your name, date of birth, date of diploma. The document should be sent as a certified copy with a translation. The document should comfirm that you meet one of these articles in the directive: 23, 24 (for doctors educated in UE/EEA).

10. Account statement or image showing that you paid the application fee (SEK 2900). IBAN: SE3612000000012810104980, SWIFT: DABASESX. Please add your date of birth in the format YYYYMMDD, and your name in the format FirstnameSurname.


Please remember that all copies and translations have to be certified. Documents should be translated into English or Swedish. Documents issued in English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian do not need to be translated.

If you want to apply also for specialist title, please also submit the following:

- account statement or image showing that you paid the application fee, 2 900 SEK for each specialization

- certified copy and translation of your specialist qualification

- certifies copies and translations showing that you meet one of the following articles of EU directive (2005/36/EC): 23, 25, 27, 28. If not possible, please instead submit certifies copies and translations of documents showing the courses of your specialist training, with their content and duration

Information for doctors educated outside UE/EEA is available in English on Socialstyrelsen's website.